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Archibald's Honey has a wide range of honeys that come from a variety of natural Australian flora. From the popular Yellow Box to honey produced from orange groves and even the strong flavored Stringy Bark; we have a taste to suit everyone's palate.

We also sell wax and a special honey blend called SBL that is a popular choice for manufacturers.

This section of the web site details the various types of honey that are part of our range but you can also buy our premium honeys directly online.

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Produced from Yellow Box trees (Eucalypt Melliodora) meaning honey scented Eucalypt. These trees are a beautiful shape, graceful, with drooping branchlets, very picturesque, growing in gullies, mostly out of flood reach. They are wide spread in Victorian foothills.

Yellow Box honey is a well renowned, favoured honey variety in Australia. It is a superb, very aromatic, table honey - the sweetest tasting, and one of the slowest candying honeys - which makes it very desirable for home use.

Redgum Honey jar image


Produced from beautiful, majestic Red Gum trees, so often depicted in Australian artworks. Among the many varieties of this tree, River Red Gum is predominant for honey production.

Mostly growing in the pristine outback river courses where they get flooded periodically Beekeepers prize a Red Gum honey flow, as it produces pollen & nectar, which in turn, produces healthy, strong breeding hives. Honeys vary in their density, according to variety; Red Gum is usually a very dense honey.

This honey has its own unique flavour, a superb Australian table Honey. A little less sweet than Yellow Box with a subtle sharpness to tempt a discerning palate.

Orange Blossom Honey jar image


Orange Blossom is produced from Australian Orange groves only. This honey has a very distinct flavour, a unique citrus after taste. This is a honey with a difference, but still completely natural - no additives at all. Orange blossom honey production is specialized in a very short flowering, season and so is not as plentiful as other varieties.

We recommend you try this honey if you like something with a difference. A very aromatic, especially light coloured honey.

Stringy Bark Honey jar image


There are many varieties of Stringy Bark trees, all slightly different, but we pack them all under the one label. The predominant species being Red Stringy Bark (Eucalyptus Macrorhynhca). These trees are named after their characteristic deep fissured fibrous bark - unlike our smooth barked gum trees.

Stringy Bark honey is a stronger, darker honey which is the honey of choice for many of our customers. As well as being a good table honey, it is very good for cooking with - extra flavour and it froths naturally when heated - lighter cakes! Honey is a very slow candying honey. (excellent keeping qualities)

Floral Honey jar image


Archibald's special blend of only Australian honey that makes the perfect table honey.

Archibald's Floral is 100% Pure Australian Honey.

Raw Organic Honey jar image


Certified Organic. Raw - kept below 40 degree's during the entire journey from hive to jar. We consider this raw as the natural temperature in the hive is usually 35 degrees. Our Raw Organic varies season to season as we do not have the selection to blend honeys together to average the seasons out. It will always be a nice table honey.

Manuka Honey jar image


100% Australian Manuka.

Available in certified MGO30+ or MGO185+.

Manuka may come creamed or liquid. Depending on what is currently available, if you have a preference, please put it in notes/comments when placing an order.


This honey is used by manufacturers as an ingredient in their own products. It is a dark, stronger tasting honey, sold in bulk for price efficiency. It is a blend of stronger tasting honeys. Not recommended as a table honey, but perfect for adding a nice strong honey flavour to gourmet cooking.