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Our Heritage

In 1920, Mr. James Archibald bought a farm in the Mallee with beehives on it and as a result, his son Robert developed a keen, life long interest in bees and honey. A commercial beekeeper, he did not agree with honey bought and sold on colour, as was the case then.

He was so adamant, that honey should be sold on flavour, that he started packing and selling honey varieties as we see today.

This was the beginning of Archibald Honey - A family business - Robert, his wife Alma (picture on left) & son Gary, later joined by Gary's wife Rosalie & now their son Stuart.

  • 4th generation producers. 3rd generation packers.
  • Only 100% Pure Australian Honey Since 1959
  • We specialize in Australian floral source honey varieties

Archibald Honey is pleased to be able to provide a way for all Australians to taste and enjoy their premium honey varieties. If you are interested in buying honey in bulk or have special requirements we welcome your enquiry